Rules & Regulations

Party Time Entertainment
Rules and Regulations
2. Food is allowed but must be prepared off premises. All safety precautions must be kept when dealing with food and food warmers.
3. Bounce House and Concessions can be added to Venue Rental at $50 each.
4. All arcade and console gaming are only allowed to the age appropriate 5 years and up. The guest responsible for rental of venue is responsible to pay for any damages to arcade, console game systems, TVs, and controllers.
5. All other play equipment is included to all the appropriate ages with venue rental.

Clean up:

All clean up must be performed the day/night of the event. Missing or damaged items must be paid for by the responsible party.

Banquet Hall Area:
1. All food and debris must be removed from all tables, chairs, and floors.
2. Floors must be swept and mopped (cleaning equipment will be provided).

Cleaning- Floor should be swept and mopped. Trash should be placed in green bin in the rear outside the building. If the bin is full, place trash beside the bin. DO NOT PUT TRASH IN THE BINS OF OTHER TENANTS/BUSINESSES! All games, toys and equipment must be cleaned at the end of rental period. Do not allow food, drinks, and/or crafting supplies (crayons, markers, etc.) to be placed on any games, toys, or equipment.

 No smoking on rental premises or other areas inside Party Time Entertainment Event Hall or by the front entrance or door. The renter will notify us of any illegal activity witnessed in or around the premises. Do not allow guest to hang out in the parking lot area or behind the building.